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Patient Compliance and Re-supply Program

iComply, the trademarked sleep compliance program is a vehicle designed to ensure that all patients prescribed Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) devices use their equipment to effectively manage their diagnosed sleeping disorder. iComply will mandate compliance for all patients being managed by SMS. It is our belief that if a patient is not using their prescribed PAP device that it is our responsibility to do all we can to support the patient to a point of compliance. Our program has identified four target areas of focus to drive compliance:

  1. Education
  2. Mask fitting
  3. Humidification
  4. Pressure/Flow

We are confident that a patient’s lack of compliance can be tied to one of these four target areas. Our team of CPAP support experts will work with each patient identified as a "non-compliant" patient. Through the use of telephonic and/or clinical intervention coupled with the collaboration of the ordering sleep specialist, we are confident that our compliance rates will well exceed the fifty (50) percent national average.

We also believe that in today’s model there is a lack of fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the provider community to "mandate" usage. There is an epidemic in today’s model of patient’s not using their PAP devices but yet the payer continues to or has completely paid for the device. With iComply, if a patient is not using their PAP device, the payer and/or employer will not pay for that device.

iComply also ensures that your members are receiving new supplies at pre-determined intervals to support in the compliance process.

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